"Security is Everyone's Concern, But That's Our Business"

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"We make a difference by offering great customer service"

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"Due to present day security challenges, our guardes are more vigilant and trained to handle any type of situation"

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"Our virtual monitoring of premises ensures safety and security round
the clock"

Security Solutions
to Meet Your Unique Needs

Available 24/7 for Emergency Response – CALL (905) 686-4280

At Identigate Security Services Inc. we understand that every security situation is unique and sometimes emergencies arise. This is why we offer 24/7 emergency security guard services designed to handle situations like alarm malfunctions, fire watches, power outages, access control issues, workplace threats, and property damage. Our security professionals are always on standby, ready to provide the security solutions you need when you need them. With Identigate, you get a flexible, cost-effective solution for your short-term and long-term security requirements. Our professionals are ready to deploy comprehensive corporate security solutions that include concierge, security guard services for various types of properties, parking lot enforcement, mobile patrols, installation of CCTV and alarm systems, and cutting-edge security technologies like security robots and drones.

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